Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ancient Astronauts 'Classic' featuring The Pharcyde

It is believed that centuries ago that aliens visited Earth to share knowledge and trade with early human civilizations. It is believed that they left markings and evidence of their travels here. Stonehenge, the Pyramids,the Mayan Temples, all these marvels are surrounded in mystery and bear markings of some kind that can't be explained by science. The Ancient Astronauts are Kabanjak and Dogu hailing from Cologne, Germany . . .via outer space! Coy with their true origins, the duo can only confirm that they returned to planet Earth in 2001 after traveling the musical cosmos for thousands of years. Their very name, “Ancient Astronauts,” implies a mash-up of the distant past and the far future; traits exemplified in their melding of old school hip hop, funk, and dub reggae with forward-thinking flair and production technique. Their sound is hip, funky, space aged, and futuristic. Collaborating with some of hip-hop's most forward thinking artists they definitely deliver something new and interesting.

Ancient Astronauts 'Classic' featuring The Pharcyde


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