Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Breakestra History DJ Mix (Download)

With Los Angeles' finest fuzzed-out funk project Breakestra set to release its second full-length album of original material next week, producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist "Music Man" Miles Tackett decided to give folks who've been snoozing a listen back through Breakestra's history. With tasteful scratches, doubled-up breakbeats, and slick transitions, Miles' mix offers a picture of some of his most crowd pleasing output covering Breakestra's original material, trademark covers, and even a few live rarities. Dusk Till Dawn comes out September 29th on Strut. Download HERE

1. Intro
2. Breakestra Suite #1 (DJ Azzuro & Kiyo)
3. Getcho Soul Togetha
4. Lil' Ol Money Maker
5. Funky Soul (Live In LA, 2000)
6. Gettin' To It
7. Don't Need A Dance
8. See Sawng
9. Take My Time feat. Choklate
10. Family Rap feat. DJ Dusk (Z Trip Scratch Edit)
11. Show 'N' Prove
12. A Word From Our Sponsor

Breakestra History DJ Mix


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