Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Boozou Bajou - Sign (DSL Mix)

Sign is the latest EP from Boozoo Bajou’s magical new album Grains, a sublime fusion of modern electronica, reggae rhythms and classic folk-pop songwriting. The Nuremburg duo Florian Seyberth and Peter Heider attracted great acclaim for their 2001 debut album Satta and its 2005 sequel Dust My Broom, as well as their two excellent Juke Joint mix compilations. But Grains is their most sophisticated tapestry of sounds yet, looking forwards as well as backwards, blending 21st century studio technology with organic instruments and guest vocals.
Sign is one of the album’s most harmonious and hypnotic highlights, a shimmering soul-pop groove soaked in sleepy brass, hazy sunshine and honey-voiced heartbreak. Guest vocalist Mr. Day, of the French reggae connoisseurs The Dynamics, sings in a warm falsetto reminiscent of classic Curtis Mayfield. But Florian also conceived the track as a homage to his childhood musical hero, Paul Weller.

“It has an old soul vibe about it,” says Florian, “but we put some little summery flavours and sound effects into it too. The main connection for us was really The Style Council tune, Long Hot Summer. It’s different, of course, but that was wandering around in our minds when we made it. I’ve followed Paul Weller since I was a kid, with The Jam. I still look out for what he does.”
Check out this remix of Sign by Austria’s premiere old-school hip-hop DJ DSL who provides one of his extremely rare remixes, stripping the tune down into a vintage piece of Studio One-style dub reggae with a lovely, lilting, lover’s rock feel.

Boozou Bajou - Sign (DSL Mix)


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