Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Domu directs you to Summer Treats (Downloads)

Domu sez, " First of all check over the next few days for a mixture of some of my early inspirations from the 90’s. Then I am going to give away a bit of music. Feel free to blog it, pass it on and do whatever you feel. Since my hard drive crash I have lost the parts to all of these, so I just thought I would give them away, I can’t work on them anymore. Most are from my Myspace and Soundcloud accounts, so you may have heard or even own some of them already. Anyway I am treating it as a fresh start and a chance to freshen up my sound a little. So here you go. Please let me know if you have enjoyed them from whatever methods you use to contact people these days. You can give me a ring if you want. Whatever, I just hope this little burst of freeness is appreciated, because otherwise they are all going in the bin. So check you laters"


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