Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Comfort Fit - A Veces

Comfort Fit's third album "Polyshufflez" is based on polyrhythmic beat structures and postmodern pop perspectives, using music codes of genres such as Hip-Hop, Dub-Step and Techno merely as comic template.
Thoughts on the financial world crisis, off-key love songs, conversations with the devil, famous chess games and dozens of other unusual music ideas make this album more than just another head-nodders favourite.
Collaborations on the album include artists such as Howard Marks (also known from his best-seller "Mr Nice"), Blaktroniks, Wallis Bird, Gajah, Anita Tijoux, Dyno, Naboobia and Caitlin Meissner.
Comfort Fit's versatile influences are ranging from early Detroit Techno and Minimal Electronica to Jazz and Hip Hop. But at the same time, he wisely manages to avoid these hyped and cliché overloaded music scenes.
The unusual depth of production characterizing his music output already attracted the attention of music enthusiasts all over the world. Beside his massive remix requests, several major brands have licensed his music for their advertisements. But he’s still down to earth, which can be seen during his fantastic, comedy-inspired live-shows.
A small and free-to-share teaser mix of the Polyshufflez LP is available HERE:

Comfort Fit - A Veces feat Anita Tijoux & Hordato


Anonymous phl!p inkognegro ed said...

yeah mang TDR is one of my favs -- I own their entire catalog the deep house stuff from Lars B and all the Comfort Fit remixes and both LPs alongwith about 19 singles...these guys are really cool.

August 4, 2009 at 6:23 PM  

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