Monday, August 3, 2009

Much Respect: Lucky Dube (August 3,1964-October 18, 2007)

While cleaning the house on Saturday, listening to Pan African Allstars Radio, my wife, out of the blue requested to hear a Lucky Dube (R.I.P.) song and the deejay ended up playing a full hour of his music. We figured it was no "coincidence" and it had to either be his birthday or the anniversary of his passing. After a quick search, she found out that what would have been his 45th birthday happens to be on today, August 3rd..

A career spanning 25 years and 22 albums, Lucky Dube was loved and admired across the globe for his socio-conscious lyrics and being a voice for the oppressed and downtrodden. In his career, Lucky switched from the Zulu pop of mbaqanga to reggae, in which his first release was banned. Standing up against South Africa's apartheid regime, he later released a second reggae album, Think About The Children which then led him to multi-platinum and international status.

His music and legacy continues to live on, and as we witnessed on Saturday, his vibe is living on as well, and as strong as ever. Please read more about Lucky Dube here.

Below is a video of one of Lucky's classics, Prisoner, a mix of a live performance in South Africa and the official music video.

BIG up to Pan African Allstars Radio broadcasting live out of Atlanta, GA!


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