Monday, July 20, 2009

Muhsinah::Scatterbrain::Happy Birthday!!!

Ok, so by now it should be apparent that I love Radiohead, and so I find their gems that become covers and do a post ;p. [We did one HERE & HERE from Kissey & ?uestlove respectively] This cover however, by Birthday Girl Muhsinah gets me in an ethereal zone. Scatterbrain starts out w/ her stand alone harmony of a voice, over what sounds like a harp [or something beautiful!]. Cue the percussions that add a mental *walking/riding thru a park, people watching* kinda story to the track, and there; you're now scatterbrained. We told you about The Oscillations:Square that dropped today, you better already have Day.Break 2.0 that dropped in 08... and if you don't; here's one more track to convince you of the voice that is Muhsinah!
Muhsinah :: Scatterbrain Cover

Radiohead :: Scatterbrain [ignore the "vid", listen to the song]


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