Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pac Div - Church League Champions (Download)

Church League Champions is our project dedicated to anyone with dreams and aspirations. For the particular, who strive to be larger than life, never despising small beginnings, those in the entertainment realm starting off with non-paying gigs. But, who still envision winning the Oscars - these who dream of one day becoming a world renowned surgeon, while interning at the local hospital for free.

We use the overall theme, "Church League Champions" as a metaphor for all the "underdogs" in life-relating to anyone who's on the unnoticed come up - compare your world to the likes of Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. Jay-Z always referred to himself as the MJ of rap. Well, Pac Div hasn't made it to the NBA yet - we are content with playing in the intramurals for now - but that doesn't take away our drive to become the best ever, because we believe one day, we will jump from the Church leagues straight to the NBA draft (so what if it hasn't been done yet, we will be the first). Moral of the story is never be afraid to do you, never be ashamed of starting from scratch. See your dream, pursue your dream, and don't look back and you will become champions. - Church League Champions

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Pac Div - No No


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