Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tarik Sabar - Love Beats & Soul

Beatmaker, Remixer, Artist, Music lover. A brief descript of one, Mister Tarik Sabar. Tarik’s sound is so full of soulful energy, and his mind’s creation, Love Beats & Soul, is sure to supply classic beattape aficionados worldwide. Tarik Sabar has included on this tape just enough of his favorite soul beats and love themes to leave you wondering where he’s been all your life. But not to worry, he’ll stick around.

When i read this I thought, "Here's another pompous talentless beatmaker!" Once I popped it in I found myself thinking, "Where has Tarik been all my life?" Pick up his both sides of his beat cassette HERE.

Tarik Sabar - Side A


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