Thursday, May 14, 2009

D-Moe - Drunken featuring Declaime

Make sure you scoop this up May 19, 2009. This 21 track album is a smorgasboard of sound. Im typing this as I'm listening to Try Your Best by Sopretti which is a song that defies description. Sounding like a precursor to Erykah's Nu Amerykah album, Ms.One is an exhibition of artists; one of which I've become very fond of: D-Moe. There are two tracks on the album that feature him, the first is Sundaze and the second is Drunken featuring Declaime. Each track she does for him sounds like some futuristic G-Funk which escaped Warren G and ended up in her MPC. Check out Drunken below and leave a LOVE NOTE & let us know what you think.

D-Moe - Drunken featuring Declaime


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