Saturday, February 2, 2008

Drank Dat Yuengling???!!!

Driving home Thursday, after a hard days work, I end up on the competitor's radio station and they're playing regular radio fodder as usual. Then...I hear it! Is this my anthem? Was this song telepathically, diabolically stolen from my head, I ask myself as they chant, "Watch me drank dat Yuengling! Watch me drank dat Yuengling!" Wow, I thought, a Soulja Boy knockoff song that's actually about something. This is 21+ grown folks music! Yes!Then, slowly, surely, reality sets in. They're not saying "Watch me drank dat Yuengling," which i would actually hate to do, unless I had a Yuengling in hand of course. They're saying, "Watch me Crank Dat Yank Yank!" Now, can i not hear well, do they speak unintelligbly or was my heart and my stomach telling me what they wanted once i arrived home. You decide

Cash Camp - Crank Dat Yank

VINYL? CHECK!Last Summer, over several hot summer days I recovered a little over 2000 albums from a former DJ who was no longer interested in holding onto her vinyl; It was now "Just Stuff." In addition to the stockpile of albums, this DJ hipped me to stories of NY club culture and like most DJs dropped mad gems on some of the albums that were now in my possession.

She told me one story, though, that blew my mind. Back in the days,when record pools first began, they used to have a "gopher" organize and distribute the vinyl to all of the club's resident DJs. Their club, The Loft, had such a gopher, his name was Larry. One night, while at the club during another DJ's set (everyone's high) the DJ passes out and noone is sober enough to man the wheels. The gopher, Larry, comes out and says that he is able to spin. They scoff, but are unable to get sober enough to DJ that night and are helpless to let the young gopher have his day in the sun. What they didnt know was that Larry had been practicing on the club's turntables at night after they left. Larry pulled off a tremendous performance that night, and went on to become internationally reknowned as THE go to guy for remixes, disco production and club rocking, Larry Levan.

Once a week (or more), I'll be uploading at least one great track that I've found while catalouging these albums. To start this off, I'll begin with a Leon Ware written, Temptations ballad from their 1975 Motown album, House Party: If I Don't Love You This Way. Enjoy


Blogger Millyramma said...

Ok, is it ok if I borrow some of Beetlejuice's shrinking head powder and sprinkle it on the SouljaBoys & CashCamp's of the world. I mean really, they're annoying.

On another note Yuengling is the best lager out there. *Cool graphics homeBwoi* If I was to be biased I'd say RedStripe just for loyality purposes...but it's a lil too sweet for me. Then came Yuengling along w/ my rendition of addidng 2 limes. Mmmmmmmmmm

That is an awesome collection...My parents think I'm morbid for telling them I want the vinyl collection when they kick the bucket.LOL, but I mean, when do they want me to tell them. They'll probably still give it to my older Brother though *he's more of a MusicAholik*...Anywho, *Tangential babble sorry*, Thanks for the info on Larry Levan, it's amazing how people get their breaks in life.

TEMPTATIONS, as a kid @ heart away from home, this song makes me sad. I grew up feeding off the sounds of The Temptations & The daddy's FavouRite groups. He was a dj for a while in his preArmy/Government life so he'd bring endless albums home. I remember days of going to school and him blaring the music, pounding the carn horn &/ breaks to the beat of the song. Which would explain why I'm unable to listen to anything @ a Reasonable volume. *Jamaicans are crazy drivers* Sad is turning into happy though, memories are the greatest thing on earth. So hold to each and everyone of them people... I miss my daddy

~guess i'll call home now

February 2, 2008 at 9:41 AM  

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