Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Big Payback (Birmingham, Alabama and Paris, France )

Byron and Onra - The Big Payback. Byron, 19 years old, is coming from Alabama, and plays piano since the age of 6. He discovered Onra, 26, French beatmaker from Paris, on Myspace at the end of 2005. They exchanged music files for months and start this prolific collaboration, completing over 30 songs in just 4 months. Onra is taking care of the drums patterns and Byron is handling the melodic part of the project, playing vintage electric keyboard Fender Rhodes and different synthesizers. You can tell there is a perfect alchemy between their two styles, and their first demos instantly grabbed the attention of several influent Internet DJ’s. Half instrumental, The Big Payback invited numerous vocal guests, giving a much more accessible aspect to the music, at the same time for specialists and open to the mainstream crowd. The guests are Isis, an MC/singer from Toronto, whose group Thunderheist will surely blow worldwide real soon, New Yorker Peter Hadar, Detroit Diva Neco Redd, flutist Julien Marc, and the beatmaker/MC Dal-Gren from Paris, the other revelation from this album. The Big Payback has also a track called “Cosmic Travelling” on the "Beat Dimensions" compilation, selected by Spacek’s own DJ Jay Scarlett and Cinnaman, released on Dutch label Rush Hour - Taken from Myspace
The Big Payback featuring Neco Redd - Love


Blogger Millyramma said...

... so that's what the wonderful neo soul music maker's called the "Fender Rhodes". Well thank God, Jesus, Allah, and the Most High; Bless it up! I like their sound. As much as it has it's NeoSoulNess going on, it still will stand out in it's own Arena. The same can be said for the songstress. As much as she brings a Jill Scott vibe, she has a little more gusto in her singing...just a little more depth *love Jill though*. I'm impressed that one of these cat's from the ham, hopefully they'll have more to offer and actually release some stuff. They do have a synergy that's really unique. It's like they found each other on myspace for some unknown symbiotic purpose..very cool indeed...bouncing away

January 25, 2008 at 1:37 AM  

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