Monday, March 1, 2010

DJ Premier - The Years of GangStarr (Download)

In 1989, Guru got in touch with DJ Premier (then known as Waxmaster C) who sent him a beat tape which Guru liked. He invited DJ Premier to join Gang Starr and in that same year they released their first single "Words I Manifest" along with the album "No More Mr. Nice Guy" (1989).
During their career Gang Starr helped pioneer the New York hip hop sound, and in fact, many an artist who achieved greater notoriety owes much of their sound, lyrical style, and even content to Gang Starr. The entirety of Gang Starr's catalog, especially Step in the Arena (1990), Daily Operation (1992) "Hard to Earn" (1994) and Moment of Truth (1998) are well-respected among critics. Their track "Jazz Thing", featured on the soundtrack to Spike Lee's film Mo' Better Blues, helped establish the sound of jazz rap. Learn more about Gangstarr HERE
Here's a double vinyl release DJ Premier did in '99 / 4 sides of nuthin but Gangstarr samples and classics. Enjoy!
I was gonna save this for tomorrow but now cats are debating on whether Guru is alive or not...
Damn, I hope he hasn't passed on

DJ Premier - The Years of GangStarr (Download)(Alternate Link)


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