Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Carlitta Durand - Doug & Patty: Season Two (in Sheckyvision)

"About a month or so ago, producer Vaughn Garcia, and the incredibly talented vocalist Carlitta Durand (Little Brother, Foreign Exchange) got together to do an EP loosely based on the characters of the "Doug" cartoon. It was released on the blogosphere to very good reviews. She started to float the acappellas around for people to remix, and being a fan of hers, I jumped at the chance. Here's my take on the "Doug & Patty EP" for your listening pleasure. Enjoy..." -Applejac
Applejac did more than just remix Carlitta's Durand's already stellar EP he completely reworked the vibe of the release and for the better. While the original was a bouncy pop influenced trip Applejac's release is more smooth and soulful. Carlitta's vocals glides over his production and sounds so fluid and organic. This is constant rotation material here, I can't wait for Season 3! Download Doug and Patty: Season Two (in Sheckyvision).

Carlitta Durand - Official (Applejac's Meccafficial Remix)


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