Saturday, January 23, 2010

Efvee - Demonstrations EP (Download)

Any forward-thinker knows that constanly pushing the boundaries is essential. Its apparent that Efvee is a forward-thinker, no matter what the medium is. A visual artist and composer currently residing in Los Angeles, he's living proof that not everyone goes to sleep for the most obvious reasons. "I sleep so I can wake up and paint my dreams."

"Diversity is one of the factors in shaping my eclectic musical taste" Efvee plans to keep making music on the fringes and collaborating with people from all over the world."With The Demonstration Ep, I really worked onputting out a cohesive record. Headphone music that is not a compilation of beats, but formulated like a movie. This record is four tracks that feels like one long composition. Just like a photo I feel music is worth a thousand words as with this record. Im really looking forward to the listeners reaction to The Demonstration EP".
Download HERE

Efvee - part 1


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