Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Album Review :: Georgia Anne Muldrow :: Early

"I'm a wide open vessel, true love expressing, I'll never live a day in vain"... Truer words couldn't describe what seems to be the effort put into this album. The words, sound & energy that reels from Early make it apparent that Georgia Anne Muldrow bared her soul to us. Her words spoke of truth & as a result, this, like her other albums will not be in vain. The most exciting thing of all though, is that these words were penned when she was between the ages of 17-19. These words set the stage for the work we've had the pleasure of enjoying over the years.

She spoke of cherishing time with self, dwelling in self appreciation, living life to the fullest, loving everything, and letting go of unnecessary excess. The way in which she brings words to light is an art form. Her voice flows colorfully like paint on canvas leading to a beautiful masterpiece. That's what Early is, beautiful words captured in song & sound over beautiful melodies, it makes the delivery so palatable and enjoyable because it touches your soul deeply. There is no facade, it is Ms. Muldrow in her youthful essence dropping jewels that transcend time.

For the most part I listened via headphones, and with or without them it felt like she was performing in my living room. The instrumentation, the free flowing organic jazz feel of Early has a quality of sound that is missing in music today. Her powerful & crisp voice, her scatting, her laughter as she sings... complemented by her production skills... this is by far one of the best albums of '09. It is for that reason that I didn't need to isolate any specific song, the overall album is stellar. As a result, Pink Bubblegum gives Early 6.5 out of 7 head nods.

Head Nod Scale
1=Don't waste your time like I did mine.
2=Waste your time like I did mine but I dare you to disagree.
3=Well, there was the single.
4=If it were a hand in spades there's "two and a possible".
5=It's a "good" album. Meaning at least 3 or 4 solid songs.
6=Really Good Project. Has the "Rewind Factor" more than once.
7=The number of completion. Great Album. Instant Classic.

Georgia Anne Muldrow - Sunset
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this album is SO moving! each song has lyrics that affect me differently, I love the experience it gives!

December 6, 2009 at 9:42 PM  

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