Monday, November 16, 2009

Impromp2 - Luv 2 Ball

Not since Waajeed and the Jazz Kats reworked Marvin Gaye have I been this excited about a Marvin Gaye remix. When I noticed a track titled, Luv 2 Ball, I asked Eric, "Yo, is this a Marvin Gaye remix?" He responded in the affirmative and I immediately decided I would give it a chance as You Sure Love To Ball is one of my FAVORITE tracks on the 1973 Let's Get it On album.
As I closed my eyes and cleared my mind, I was exposed to a 2009 version that's just as sexy, but more ready for a 2 step and more smoothed out for the listener as Impromp2 is well-known to do. Their new album, It Is What It Is is in stores now

Impromp2 - Luv 2 Ball


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