Thursday, October 15, 2009

DJ King Flow 'It's Hard Being 15'

It's not often that I find something that almost completely knocks me out of my seat when I first hear it. But I must say that I was completely shocked and amazed when I hit play on this lp. And I couldn't get my browser open fast enough to post it. DJ King Flow is a rare talent and an amazing beatmaker hailing from Orléans France. On his new LP 'It's Hard Being 15' he has woven a tapestry of smooth jazzy beats going from uptempo to downtempo, from dancefloor ready jams to midnight love sounds. But that's not the most shocking thing, which is when I learned that dude is just 15! Hence the title. Well thank goodness for youth because DJ King Flow is certainly ahead of his time and I'm sure if he keeps cranking out music like this, he will definitely have a long future ahead of him. Enjoy!

DJ King Flow 'City Lights'

Download: DJ King Flow 'Its Hard Being 15'

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