Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TomCatBeats - FreshAir Couchtape Vol.2

My man TomCatBeats sent this through as I was getting ready to lounge out for a second. Im happy to say that this was a perfect compliment to chilling. Read what he has to say

"this couch tape was designed to capture the feel and sound of a cassette. some of these tracks are either unmastered, unfinished, unreleased, straight from the tape or just have that raw vibe. so if you like your music watered down with all the character dragged out in a studio then....sorry

including: house shoes-slum village-city slick-hugh whitaker-dam funk-ras g-jay electronica-stoopz n breeze-leaf erikson-remarkable mayor-kankick-tha connection-ahu-sa ra-byron lee-gordan-dak-vincent price-will widdoss-blu-fluent-q tip-the lacks ....

TomCatBeats - FreshAir Couchtape Vol.2


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