Thursday, July 23, 2009

Georgia Anne Muldrow :: Final Teaser :: Okra

A while ago we hit you with the heat that is Georgia Anne Muldrow. We've done so many posts on her in fact, that I couldn't even decide which link to connect you to! So please utilize the search bar; "Muldrow" should do. Anywho, back to the meat of this matter... Her album Umsindo is 5 days away, and for that reason we must give you patient & loyal BamaLoveSouLians (hint: join our group on FB) the final teaser.

Okra, I randomly chose from the tracklisting and it happened to be the shortest track on the album. So it perfectly fit the bill as the last tease, b/c we've given you too much already :p

The album is on fire, it wreaks of soul & culture... Review coming soon!


Umsindo out Tuesday July 28th, 09!!!


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