Thursday, July 2, 2009

DJ JS-1 - Nuthin

The faint horns, driving bass line, and melodious refrain echoing the words nothing anyone can say welcome the listener to the track "Nuthin." An inviting and familiar instrumental atmosphere reminiscent of an old blues shack or juke joint is immediately established as DJ JS-1 drops the beat. A powerful team of heavy hitters featuring CL Smooth, Brother Ali, and Sadat X lend their indisputably recognizable vocals to the record. Somewhat of an anthem to the emcees that have survived the changes in the hip-hop industry, "Nuthin" renders the haters silent and commands respect from the industry.
"What do you say to a man who been to hell and bac k/ escaped out of Satan's hands with his head in tact/ made his own plans when there was no welcome mat / dog I'll tell you what you tell him, you don’t tell him jack."
DJ JS-1 uses two major samples as the driving forces of the record. The first sample, "somebody say nothing!" is a scratch DJ JS-1 took from a KRS-One feature on a German record that was not released in the US. That sample merged with the sample "there's nothing anyone can say" shapes the foundation of the record and gives DJ JS-1 the space to create yet another masterpiece. "Nuthin" is a banger off the new album “NO SELLOUT”(Ground Original 2), the second installment to DJ JS-1's first album, Ground Original. “NO SELLOUT” (Ground Original 2) is now available via Fat Beat Records.

DJ JS-1 - Nuthin feat. CL Smooth, Brother Ali, and Sadat X


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