Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pseudo Slang - Yes Doubt

Pseudo Slang's quintessential jazz-tinged beats keep bumping on the latest track "Yes Doubt" from their recent release We'll Keep Looking. The duo, Tone Atlas and Emcee Sick, directly state one of their defining principles: the belief that it's all right to question yourself from time to time,
"It's hard not to have doubts / When all you got is your intellect / And cats blow up with some weak shit / Off the strength of internet marketing / That's why Sick and Tone drop significant poems."
No matter how tough it may be sometimes, Pseudo Slang understand the result is worth the hard work; that the music is the reward of the struggle. As though it was his faith, Emcee Sick proclaims it's always better to doubt and get your priorities straight,
"So what the heck if we profess doubt / We givin' enough respect to what the rest about / But never rest cause then you're out / Stay on your toes, yes doubt."

We'll Keep Looking is available everywhere now via Fat Beats Records.

Pseudo Slang - Yes Doubt


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