Monday, May 11, 2009

Vinyl? Check! #29: This is for...The System

I was looking through the latest issue of Shook magazine and ran across an article with The System's Mic Murphy. I was totally unaware that they worked on Mtume's Juicy Fruit album which spawned the sample of one of Biggie's biggest hits and Chaka Khan's I Feel For You album. I was most familiar with them from You Are in My System and Don't Disturb This Groove. I went to my vinyl stash and amidst all of the 80's synth grooves I found this gem, This is For You from their 1985 The Pleasure Seekers album. The 80's mentality appears in the production as well as the songwriting:

I like to do things for myself/I never waste and never want
I guess I'm that way with my love/I'll never die of a broken heart

But of course, this playboy ends up falling in love and gives his love to her, awwwww

The System - This Is For You


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