Thursday, May 7, 2009

Soulstice - Beyond Borders featuring Supastition & Angelina

Soulstice says this about his second released single, "It wasn't until we were a few songs into recording “Beyond Borders” that I came up with the name and concept for the album. After that moment, I knew I wanted to get artists from as many different countries as possible while still keeping the album cohesive. Supastition is from the crop of North Carolina artists that have recently gained prominence on the indie scene. Like myself, Supa's toured all over Europe, so I knew he'd have a great perspective to add to my title track and his lyrics are always dope. Angelina hails from Moscow and currently resides in London. Her family, all musicians, left the Soviet Union seeking musical freedom. After previewing some of her music, I discovered that she both sings and does a cool rap, spoken word kinda thing. I insisted that she do both on “Beyond Borders.” Russia also has a special significance for me and for this project since my first trip abroad was a six-week stay in St. Petersburg, Russia. This embodies many of the themes that inspired the album."

Soulstice - Beyond Borders featuring Supastition & Angelina


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