Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Vinyl? Check! #25: Is There A Better Way To Ask For It?

I think it's only fitting that Bobby Womack's 1981 album is titled The Poet. Who else but a poet would ask their soulmate to lay the lovin on them? However, I dont know many that could do it as funkily (is that a word) as Bobby Womack! This album contains many funky gems including If You Think you're Lonely Now and also has jazz harpist Dorothy Ashby on personnel. Lay Your Lovin' On Me is a tune that's guaranteed to bring at least a headnod, and thats if it doesnt compel the listener to the dancefloor for a cool lil 2 step. What good is a DJ unless he lays cuts like this on his listeners?
James would say, "I dont know."

Bobby Womack - Lay Your Lovin' On Me


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