Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sound Track of My Day - Darren Laws::A Few of My Favorite Things

Twas a groovy day, I was in a groovy mood so I decided to mosey on over to Groovement to see what theyhad cooking. As I browsed I found some awesome mix tapes and whatnot to download, but then I came across This Darren Laws post and I fell in love. Here's the reason why...

John Coltrane: My Favourite Things
Lee Oscar : Haunted House
Myriam Makeba: Quit It
Minnie Ripperton: Baby This Love I Have
Merry Clayton: Emotion
Noel Pointer: All The Real Reasons Why
Bob James: Theme For Angela
Archie Whitewater: Cross Country
Betty Wright: Ain’t No Sunshine
Clarence Smith: Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Tony Esposito: L’eroe Di Plastica
Anthony King: Filligree Funk
Astro Nova Orchestra: Soul Sleeper
Dancer : Dancer (Maria 45 Edit)
Donald Byrd: Wind Parade
Bobbi Humphrey: Harlem River Drive
Kenny Rankin: In the Name of Love

Need I say more? And that's just the 1st half. So for that reason and the feelings it brought forth in my soul and my bod-ay...I share A Few of My Favorite Things. Chillax w/ a glass of wine... or w/ someone who you can groove with...You won't regret it!

Because I know you're now addicted and yearning for more, HERE's the 2nd part!

Much Love, Peace & Thanks to Groovement for bigging us up the other day. Clearly we're feeeeeeling you too!


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