Saturday, April 3, 2010

Get to know Stephan Hoellermann

Influenced by sports, automobiles, literature, design and art, Stephan Hoellermann creates some really dope House tunes that he describes as his, "dirty, vitalized interpretation of modern dancemusic." He goes on to say, "My sound combines elements of classic Housemusic with reckless rhythms and floating basslines produced in a nonorthodox manner.

The result is a dirty mixture of House, Disco and Hip Hop not solely Dancefloor orientated. Smooth and deep elements frequently confront with raw and danceable parts, a fact that gives the result a special blend, ready for the club and living room as well.

One will not recognize a certain complexity behind most of the tracks. Dozens of cutted mini-samples flow together into a completely new composition. Characteristic is also the layering of tracks: You normally won't hear one basedrum, sample, clap or hihat but up to five at once.

The music always oszillates between complexity & simplicity." Call it what you want, we just call it dope music. Check out two of his works below. Shouts out to Sling Slang and Motivic

Stephan Hoellermann-Glance

Discjackson-Strawam (Stephan Hoellermann version)


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