Friday, March 12, 2010

Roy Hargrovve & The RH Factor - Live at Jazz Baltica 2003

I've been in a really heavy Roy Hargrove bag lately. It started when I pulled out my old Habana album, and then I reached for The RH Factor: Hard Groove album. It's difficult to believe this was released 7 years ago. It still sounds so good. The only thing better would be to hear it live, eh?. Well download HERE and have that experience

Rene Neufville:Voice,Keyboards // Jason Thomas:Drums // Willie JonesIII :Drums // Reggie Washington:Bass // Sparky Calmers Alford: Guitar // Bobby Sparks: Keyboards,Orgel // Keith Anderson: Sax(Tenor&Alt) // Roy Hargrove: Trumpet,Voice // Jacques Swartz-Bart: Sax(Tenor&Soprano)


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