Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Caits Meissner - Blackest Blood

Announcing the single "Blackest Blood" (produced by Just Plain Ant) from the forthcoming EP music project, The Wolf and Me (coming May 1, 2010) from Caits Meissner!
Executive Produced by Just Plain Ant; featuring Maya Azucena, Jesse Boykins III, Dunce Apprentice and Broke MC; with production by Blu, Cazeaux OSLO, Just Plain Ant, Bisco Smith, CAV3 and The Aftermath.

Caits Meissner, well-known for her writing in respected poetry circles, and work as an educator/community organizer in youth circles, now steps out with a fantastic music project. Embedded in and influenced by the experimental hip hop community, Caits’ songs are word-driven vignettes delving deep into the heart of human experience: loneliness, inspiration, love and loss set over visually lush landscapes from current hip hop/electronic producers.

According to Caits, The Wolf & Me aims to be "a multi-sensory journey, the kind of album you listen to under headphones, in the dark hours of the early morning.”

<a href="http://caitsmeissner.bandcamp.com/album/blackest-blood-single">blackest blood. by Caits Meissner</a>


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