Monday, February 15, 2010

Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated EP

Slugabed moves into the big-boy ranks with his first 12" for Planet Mu. The 'Ultra Heat Treated EP' seals his position within the post-dilla meets IDM zone inhabited by a range of cats from Illum Sphere to Ikonika, but at once places him on his own little asteroid, zapping discordant electro-soul vibes over fractured hiphop rhythms. The title track renders a cacophany of synths over crushed hiphop rhythms, before the fractal 8-bit bounce of 'Skyfire' and the Joker-on-Ket effect of 'Pressure'. 'Quantum Leap' bashes Nintendo rhythms like a psychotic Quarta 330 and 'Pressure' boils noisy synthetic excesses to freak the IDM heads. Get it HERE

Slugabed - Ultra Heat Treated


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