Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sade - Keeps Us From Falling (Sweetest Gift" lll Po Remix)

"Simply put, I'm a huge Sade fan. I started work on this remix over 7 years ago. Upon hearing about the release of Soldier of Love, I figured now would be the time to release this. A Part of me is doing this from a promotional standpoint. But, honestly, the bigger part of me (and anyone who knows me can attest) is doing this as a fan of Sade, the singer and the band. Sade, to me, represents one of the last artists I can be a strict fan of. A legend, a myth. The more we all exist in this music industry, it's easy to get lost in the business of music. Sade is my reminder of what makes beautiful music so beautiful. She is the perfect reminder of why music is a soundtrack to an Experience. That's why I made this remix. If you're a fan of Sade, then this is one fan's take on her music, given to the rest of her fans who'd like to listen." - Ill Poetic
<a href="">Sade &quotKeeps Us From Falling&quot (Ill Poetic Remix) by Ill Poetic</a>


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