Monday, February 22, 2010

Joya Mooi - Hard Melk

"Mooi" adj. derived from the Dutch word meaning: beautiful, used in South African slang as nice/pretty. These are words that would describe Joya Mooi and her music. Her love of music, especially jazz, starting at a young age, has shaped her style as she began to develop her skills vocally. She later was discovered during her internship at MC. Brian Elstak asked Joya to create a soundtrack for the new theater play BH and the rest is history. The mysterious and talented beauty's debut album 'Hard Melk' is a incredible blending of genre's ranging from smooth soul to jazz to electronic. 'Hard Melk' features production by SirOj, Presto, Big2, Hayzee, Wan and Full Crate. Check out the video below and get to know more about her here. And you can listen to 'Hard Melk' in it's entirety here.


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