Thursday, January 7, 2010

Self Scientific - Designer Music

If you just peeped the Strong Arm Steady video below, this is the DJ Khalil and Chace Infinite that they were speaking about. I've been a fan of these two since I found their largely slept on debut album The Self Science in a dollar bin back in '98. Here's their explanation for creating Designer Music

"Music has changed. Music is disposable. More people seem interested in the things that their favorite artists’ are into, more than their music. Today, everything design related has taken precedence over the music. It is as if the music is secondary to sneakers, clothes, hats, and gadgets. As a result, artists spend more time developing their product, and less time perfecting the music. Some artists even view their craft solely as a platform to launch merchandise… Designer Music is a new project by the critically acclaimed duo Self Scientific. Designer Music explores the current consumer culture, brought on by the modern phenomenon, we know as street wear"

Self Scientific - Designer Music


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