Wednesday, December 16, 2009

MeLo-X :: MR 1.5 FreEP

New New Hot of the press MeLo-X! He's been tweeting about these 19 tracks of niceness all evening, so here it is...

" It's been a year since my debut Mixtape "Mustafa's Renaissance" Dropped on ONSMASH.COM. I am proud of how far this mixtape has brought me and how much supporters Ive gained over the last year. I want to say thank you to the many websites and Blogs who supported me from day 1 and continue to support me to this day. So in celebration of the mixtape I'm dropping MR1.5. This is a FreEP that has some of the favorites from Mustafa's Renaissance coupled with music that was released after the Mixtape came out and unreleased features and Beats. For my real Supporters and fans I included some of the material from my Amy Winehouse Remix Album that came out in 07 and also a track featuring Supreeme from ATL." ~ MeLo-X

Amy Winehouse ft. MeLo-X :: More Than Friends

Stalley ft. MeLo-X :: Distant Land


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