Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jern Eye - Beautiful + Something's Wrong (Video)

With his new album Vision dropping today, Jern Eye has been staying busy – releasing mixtapes, blogging for HipHopDX.com, and now, working on his latest video. With the first official video release from Vision, Jern also gives fans a special treat, as the Bay Area emcee uses two different songs off the album, a purposeful decision on Jern's part:
"We purposely chose to splice the two songs of which both are produced by !llmind, to show the duality of one's life having both love and beauty along with both hardship and struggle. I think it's dynamic and very reflective of my real life."
The video starts off with the track ''Beautiful," where Jern touches on the positive side of things, wifey included. Lines like
"Attitude got me on another altitude / Out of this world, how she workin' my latitude"
show that lyricism doesn't have to be sacrificed when coming through with an uplifting, love-inspired song. Jern says, "The 'Beautiful' video was inspired by trying to capture something that would reflect a day in the life of two people in love."

The second part of the video chimes in about halfway and dramatically changes the tone for the rest of the video, as it takes the listener to the darker side of things. Jern Eye chose to use the song "Something's Wrong" for this specific reason. !llmind provides hard hitting drums with a grimy guitar sample topped and a eerie vocal sample to complete the track. Jern Eye holds nothing back in his verbal attack with lines like,
"By the look in your face, I can tell you're in the wrong place / By your eyes shifting I can see you a knucklehead who don't listen," and "I walk with a chip, I could give a sh*t about fame." The second half of the video was filmed by Charles Barcelona and was shot at the train yards in Oakland.


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