Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DJ JS-1 - "Karma Killaz" feat. Aesop Rock, C Rayz Walz, & Vast Aire

The very instant you click the play button on your iPod, the purpose of DJ JS-1's latest track, "Karma Killaz," is readily evident. As stated by a mock-up voiceover, "This message is intended to make a person look objectively at himself, and the way in which he has been conducting his life." Much like the rest of JS-1's latest album, No Sell Out: Ground Original 2, "Karma Killaz" features a host of guest emcees, Vast Aire, C Rayz Walz, and Aesop Rock to be specific. In quintessential style, JS-1 makes use of old vinyl samples (these ones being especially eerie and smooth), stock battle sounds, and a downright dirty drumbeat. Each of the three guest rappers lays down a verse that forewarns phony emcees about their impending doom,
"You can try to pretend / But eventually you will need to end / That's how the Earth spins / And my next of kin will commit sin,"
spits Vast Aire. To hear all the rhymes, make sure to check out No Sell Out: Ground Original 2 - out now everywhere via Fat Beats Records.

DJ JS-1 - "Karma Killaz" feat. Aesop Rock, C Rayz Walz, & Vast Aire


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