Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro - Mas Pan

Following experiments with afrobeat and classic soul, Will "Quantic" Holland moved from Brighton to Cali, Colombia, and this inspired mix of Latin grooves with psychedelic funk is the result.
'Tradition In Transition’ – recorded in Cali, Colombia – is the latest album from Quantic and his Combo Bárbaro, which sees Will ‘Quantic’ Holland mining the lesser-tapped musical sources from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa and fusing those rediscovered psychedelic, experimental and rhythmically rich sounds of the past with deep funk and soul elements and folkloric vocal styles. This exceptional longplayer gives life to an explosive sonic snapshot of an ever-evolving musical landscape, played out by a carefully assembled international cast of musical creators.
Those expecting the funk that they're used to from a Quantic album will get just that with a dash of world music on the side. Don't fret, It's STILL that dope. Check out Mas Pan, the Afrobeat tinged joint from the album below!

Quantic & His Combo Bárbaro - Mas Pan


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