Thursday, June 4, 2009

In My Headphones: Good Mixtapes Make A Comeback!!!

The best thing about mixtapes is that the format allows an artist to be more expressive and branch out with their style. Unlike albums, for the most part which are manufactured, processed, and structured by the label who only wants to churn out singles, hits, and the song for the ladies. On a mixtape a rapper or singer can really go in and shine because they're not held by those conventional constraints, and often times it's the mixtape that becomes the artist's definitive work and gets the most buzz, like so. And sometimes it can be better than the album. Here are a few that came to me recently, that I'm sure will have you hitting the repeat button more than a few times.

M. Will The Shogun 'A Journey Through Space and Time'

This is a trippy concept mixtape that takes you on a journey though space and the artists
mind. M. Will The Shogun spits over unconventional tunes and makes it sound fresh and modern. Spittin' over samples of Jamiroquai, and Gary Jules, he's definitely on another level. I especially love 'Blue Light' in which flips a Little Dragon sample. The tape also features Oh!, Nero, QuESt, El Prez, TreaZon, Termanology and more. Dope stuff! Download Here

Fresh Daily 'Tomorrow Is Today'

Hailing from Brooklyn Fresh Daily delivers a tape laden with clever wordplay and ill production, something that the game definitely needs right now. This is definitely a head nodder, highly relatable lyrics over new and familiar instrumentals, takes you back to street corner ciphers and block parties. The tape features production by Flying Lotus and Kanye West with appearances by Outasight, Jessie Boykins III, Mickey Factz, and more. Fresh is definitely one to keep your eye one. Download Here

Folk & Stress 'Outside The Box'

Only in the age of Obama and Asher Roth can two White boys can drop a mixtape this ill. Folk & Stress go hard on every track with a hunger and viciousness that I haven't heard since GZA who also makes a more than dope guest appearance on the tape. Hosted and mixed by another White boy Peter Rosenberg. This what hot in the streets right now!!! Download Here

Rappers pay attention and step your game up!


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I was sleeping on these
nice find

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