Thursday, June 18, 2009

6-19-2009 Blaq Angel Listening Party

Patrick Johnson (aka S. Fly of B’ham pioneering hip hop group, The Red Light District) will release his debut solo CD - “Where Did It Go Wrong? the birth of Blaq Angel” - on July 14th, 2009. The resounding response from the hip hop community on the news from this Emmy® Nominated producer has been unanimous – they say “it’s about time”!
S. Fly is a noted producer and hip hop activist, and was the chief founder of the mighty Red Light District – a family consisting of emcees, singers, and musicians – and helped pioneer the Alabama underground hip hop music scene. In 1996, Red Light released the now-classic single “I Know”, becoming the first Birmingham AL rap group to gain regular rotation on a major reporting station and selling over 300 copies in one week. The group followed up with the full length Welcome to the Red Light – Vol. 1 (1997), The Session (1998 and 2000), The John Woodlawn Project (2003), and several underground mix CD’s. During this era, Red Light produced and recorded advertisements for WABM-68 (2000 Fall jingle), St. Ides, and several local politicians and political groups – the first of any such group from Birmingham to do so. In later years many wondered if Red Light had broken up, as there was no new music being played on the radio as “I Know” had been. Many people, especially Alabama fans, asked the question “where did it go wrong?” S. Fly took it upon himself to answer that very question in his debut solo installment.

The Birth is reminiscent of the golden era of hip hop with concept songs, storytelling and stellar production. Jon “Supreme” Malone touches the boards, as well as Red Light members Vic the Truth, Mr. Greenjeanz and of course, S. Fly. The music is sure to receive rave reviews, and music lovers can experience the CD at the Official Listening Party at Malcolm’s Reading Room (4417 17th Street N., Birmingham, AL - 6pm). DJ Rahdu will provide the sounds for this unique experience that will include free food, a question and answer session, and a special sneak preview of S. Fly’s long awaited solo release. Come celebrate with us!


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