Tuesday, March 10, 2009

BLS Spotlight: Chin Chin - The Flashing, The Fancing

The Flashing, The Fancing is a must have for anyone looking for smoky nighttime flavored grooves. I hate to admit but I have no clue what "Fancing" is, but if it helped to add to the dopeness of this album I want more of it! Chin Chin’s second full length project has a very sophisticated sound that draws from a wealth of players ranging from The Temptations and Delfonics to Cibbo Matto and TV on the Radio. Although, they have such tenured and acclaimed musicians on the album, they do a great job of making it accessible to all listeners. The grooves lend themselves to a perfect nighttime feel though, and are perfect for grooving in the bed (It’s OK) or getting your “boogie on” on the dance-floor (Moments). There are many catchy tunes here, some of which are spacey, groovy instrumentals (Peterdactyl) not unlike what you would find on an early Jamiroquai album. This is definitely one for the premium cognac sippers especially GG & The Boys, get it today HERE.


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