Monday, December 22, 2008

Early Holidays from BLS

Karma Stewart - The Karma EP
Today PPP & release the new EP from PPP's starlet Karma Stewart, The Karma EP. For those who don’t know, Karma is an up-and-coming singer from Austin, Texas now living in L.A., whose best known (so far) as the voice of PPP’s latest single, “On A Cloud.” After the success of “On A Cloud,” some people tried to pigeon hole Karma as a “throwback singer.” While Ms. Stewart definitely has some classic Motown grace and gospel-tinged strength behind her voice, with this EP she presents a few alternative sides to the story with a sound that she describes as “experimental with an edge of funky soul.” And according to her, even this is “just a taste of what I’ll be bringing to the table.” Produced by group founders, Waajeed & Saadiq, and mostly written by Karma’s fellow cast member, Coultrain, The Karma EP is definitely a PPP family affair. The 4-track CD was originally sold at PPP shows all across Europe this fall - but now Karma & PPP have decided to give the EP away for free as a preview of both Karma’s upcoming album, and more immediately, PPP’s second album, Abundance. Click on the EP Cover to get the tracks and if that's not enough, visit Kenny Fresh's liner notes interview with Karma as well as three bonus tracks - including a live cover song, a collaboration with St. Louis rapper Wafeek, and a selection from the PPP “On A Cloud” Remix Contest from Tayreeb.

MeLo-X - Mustafa's Renaissance
DJ/MC/Producer MeLo-X has released a mixtape, Mustafa's Renaissance. Most of the tracks off the tape were produced by MeLo, and it also features appearances from Nikki Ntu, Theophilus London, Jesse Boykins III, Mickey Factz and more. Click on the cover to download. Tracklist in the comments.

Now can I get that Vinyl Killer?


Blogger DJ Rahdu said...

01. Mustafa's Renaissance
02. BoomClap
03. Crumbs, Change & Hair Pins (feat. Nikki Ntu & Theophilus London)
04. I Dont Rap
05. Keep The Faith (feat. Jesse Boykins III & Print)
06. Incredible (Remix) (BK Intro)
07. Just Me
08. Treat Her Right (And I Know)
09. With You
10. First Time (Coolie High)
11. The Imfamous BayDigger
12. The Peepz
13. Neva Free
14. 3L's (Beat Tape 2005)
15. Tehas Rice
16. Mickey Factz - Rapio 2 Point OH
17. Tehas Beans
18. Tabloids House (Remix) (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
19. Atlantic Soul
20. With You (Revised)
21. Mustafa�s Revenge (NY Jewels)

December 22, 2008 at 6:55 PM  
Blogger Ms.BeatJunkie!!! said...

The Karma...interesting pop-rock electro-clip funk. She's no Tiombre Lockhart...I do like the beats of course especially The Look of Love, the classic rock loop and the Ms.Pacman in the back ground...Triple P are best at chopping up drums. Tayreeb, Ive been a fan since 06...Yeah he did a great job on that remix. I like that one alot as well.

Hmmmm, sum'in sexy bout Melo, maybe its because of the sampled cult film classics, the blaxploitation soul/funk, and/or the sampled 70's sounding porn music...dont' know yet...but its sexy!

I see someone is working hard for that Vinyl Killer. *giggle*

December 23, 2008 at 10:10 AM  
Blogger DJ Rahdu said...

Karma Stewart has a powerful voice that consistently takes me back to the divas of the 80s Electro era. But it also has that rock edge to it. PPP's On a Cloud whet my appetite, now here's the snack before the meal.

Love Games begins with a (disco era) Taana Gardner heartbeat and slowly transcends into an 80’s Eurhythmics staccato groove. This self written ode to men who know how to ask for what they want makes me want to put on my “Frankie Says…” t-shirt and a Members Only jacket.

Withdrawal happens when addicts can no longer get their fix & PPP is definitely attempting to curb your symptoms since their last album, Triple P, dropped in 2005. This is essentially a PPP joint, produced by Saadiq & Waajeed and written by Coultrain, with Karma on the vocals. The sparse instrumentation (repetitive bass and snare, shaker, keys and guitar) adds to the feeling of desperation. Is it January yet? *shakes, shivers and convulses*

As a DJ, Waiting in the Wings, is my favorite cut on the EP. Everything meshes together in an easily digestible song that can encourage head nods from even the sternest crowd and the breakdown is just sweet.

Look starts off with some hip hop drums yet again hearkens back to an Electro era. Karen channels her inner Electro diva (think Anita Ward-ish). Saadiq brings the (classic) Prince-era funk and she delivers her vocals in an urgent voice that compliments the track nicely. The fadeout at the end is just the touch needed to give this EP the feel of a tease that it is…

December 23, 2008 at 5:04 PM  

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